Model files / Fault current limiters

Superconductors for power applications: an executable and web application to learn about resistive fault current limiters

This model was shared by Nicolo Riva, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. The model solves a 1-D electro-thermal model of am HTS tape in a resistive fault current limiter, working under AC fault conditions. It evaluates important figures of merit such as the limited current, the …

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Superconducting fault current limiter (SFCL) connected to a power system

The model can be implemented in any power system simulator (e.g., Matlab/Simulink, EMTP, PowerFactoy, etc.) for transient analyses of short circuit currents. Here one presents the method applied to MCP-BSCCO-2212 SFCL devices. The method however has already been extended to SFCL based …

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