The growing interest in the modelling of superconductors has led to the development of increasingly effective numerical methods and software. Alongside this interest, the question of how to teach and explain the operation of superconductors to students has arisen. EPFL and KIT have created a series of web applications based on COMSOL Multiphysics that are accessible through an open-access web server called AURORA (

In Roman mythology, Aurora was a goddess who flew across the sky at dawn, opening the path to the Sun and a new day. Similarly, the server AURORA aims at opening the path to a new generation of brilliant students and introduce them by leArning sUpeRcOnductivity thRough Apps. This project allows users to dynamically change the parameters of the apps and observe their influence on the results, creating a vivid learning experience. The project is particularly directed to students.

If, as Richard Feynman used to say “the questions of the students are often the source of new research“, why not stimulate students to ask questions on superconductivity? Feel free to test the apps at this link, and contact the authors if you want to contribute!