Benchmark #6

The high-temperature superconducting (HTS) dynamo benchmark problem consists of a permanent magnet rotating past a stationary HTS wire in the open-circuit configuration and assumes for simplicity the 2D (infinitely long) case. The geometry of the problem is shown below.


The PM has a width a and height b and a remanent flux density Br. The initial position of the PM is such that the centre of its outer face is located at (0, –Rrotor), i.e., θM(t = 0) = –π/2. The HTS wire has a width e and thickness f and is positioned such that its inner face is located (0, Rrotor + airgap). Table I lists the assumed parameters for the model. Only the superconducting layer of the HTS wire is modelled and Jc is assumed to be constant (where Jc = Ic/(e·f)).

More details, including voltage definitions and the expected results, are provided here. Data can be downloaded at the University of Cambridge data repository.