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Modeling of HTS bulks surrounded by magnetic components using the H–φ formulation


These models were shared by Alexandre Arsenault, Polytechnique Montréal, Montréal.

These two models use the reduced H-phi formulation to efficiently simulate the magnetic field of a superconducting bulk surrounded by magnetic components. The magnetic field is separated into a source and reaction field component in order to reduce the simulated domain surrounding the superconductor. The source field is used as a source in the reaction field simulations using a modified H-formulation in the superconducting domain. The first model simulates the zero field cooled magnetization of a superconducting cube between a set of Helmholtz coils. The coils are simulated in a 2D axisymmetric component and extruded to a 3D component using a “general extrusion” operator.

The second model simulates a permanent magnet levitating over a superconducting bulk. The motion of the permanent magnet is considered with a time-dependent z-coordinate in the extrusion of the source field to the reaction field simulations with a “general extrusion” operator. Both models show very good agreement with the pure H-formulation, and are more than three times faster.



  1. Alexandre Arsenault et. al., “Efficient Modeling of High-Temperature Superconductors Surrounded by Magnetic Components Using a Reduced H–φ Formulation”, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, volume 31, no. 4, June, 2021

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