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3D COMSOL model for CORC cables


This model was shared by Sofia Viarengo, Politecnico di Torino.

The model is a full 3D CORC cable: the T-A formulation has been coupled to a thermal module. The model is time-dependent and calculates current density, field distribution, and temperature in the superconductor in presence of transport current or background field. The electric resistivity of the superconductor is model through a power law: the dependence of the critical current density on the magnetic field and the temperature is also considered. A new boundary condition is imposed in a strong form allowing the current distribution and re-distribution of current among different tapes and layers of a CORC® cable (that is one of the main model issues to tackle for those cable) if any thermal or magnetic disturbance happens.



  1. S. Viarengo, P. Ferracin, N. Riva, L. Savoldi, Xiaorong Wang, A New Coupled Electrodynamic T − A and Thermal Model for the Critical Current Characterization of High-Temperature Superconducting Tapes and Cables, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, volume 11, 107548 – 107561, 2023

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